and why must i love your clothing choices so much….sigh.



does this photo hurt anyone else?  that poor beautiful celine bag has ash on it…SAVE THE BAG!

i do really love her nails and jewelry though.

girl crush/obsession

taylor tomasi hill is a genius.  i have loved everything i have ever seen her in.



i find inspiration from many different things in my world, and this is a good example of one.  i actually hate these shoes.  espadrilles and wedges are my two least favorite shoe silhouettes, but something about the patterns and colors on these bad boys really is attractive to me.  i could see this shoe being the inspiration for an amazing living room theme.

spring survival

my spring survival depends upon me acquiring these items:

black skinny jeans

tan or black trench raincoat

linen pants

silk shirts


this top may look frumpy on the mannequin, but on it is delightful. anthropologie.



as i find the perfect items i will update this post.

green with envy

this gucci dress has been catching my eye all over spring’s lookbooks, and now it will be calling my name teasing me with its 2K + price tag from net-a-porter.  wah.  but seriously, how gorgeous is this dress?  the silhouette is SO flattering, and green is all the rage this season.  gucci really hit the spot with this one.

hello gorgeous.

the first black-tie event i attended as an “adult” was the first annual Road to the Red Carpet oscar watch gala, my old employer’s annual fundraiser.  unfortunately for my bank account, it sparked the fire that is my love for full length gowns.  i am always on the hunt for unique and fun gowns, hoping to be invited to enough badass events i get to one day wear all of them….for now though photos collect on my computer, and this dress caught my eye today.